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FDM DLP 3D Printing sphere hexagonal

​Welcome to AYHAN AM Co.

Thanks for spending your time on our website! 3D Printing is an up-to-date and moden technology in the field of engineering that has attracted many enthusiasts. We, at the Ayhan Am company, have invented an exciting new process to print metal parts. It is our pleasure to offer you 3D printing devices or the designs that you desire!

Ayhan 3D printers products fdm dlp delta concrete epoxy polymer metal

Ayhan AP+ desktop FDM 3D Printer

Ayhan AC+ industrial FDM 3D Printer

Ayhan iResin DLP 3D Printer

Ayhan PD2 large Delta 3D Printer

Ayhan M1 metal FDM 3D Printer

​Other printers

Ayhan Concrete 3D

Ayhan AyDu1

Ayhan AyDu2

Ayhan Epoxy 3D

Ayhan P1

Ayhan DLP

Ayhan AyBio

Our Products

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Creating your printer with the design and material you want​​​​​​​


Designing 3D printers based on your needs in the most efficient way

A science and technology
based company with exiting innovations.

High expertise

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