AYHAN 3D Printing services

​Bring your ideas to reality!

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• The total process of printing a part

• 3D scanning, 3D file design and modifications
• Various industrial methods, finishing and painting ​​​​​​​

​We provide:

3D printing with
FDM, SLA, DLP technology

Polymer, metal, ceramic materials

3D Printing

More than just plastic

From strongest plastics to professionally finished metals!

3D scaning service based on photogrammetry technology!

​3D scaning, makes it easy to design!

3D Scaning

​​• Deliver your idea, image or part to us

• Designing and reverse engineering will be done by us
• Your custom-made 3D-printed part will be ready to deliver!​

​3D Design

If you want to bring your idea to life, Contact us!

Technical consulting

Ayhan Am company being a spin-off company of the University of Tehran AM-lab, has a team of experts in touch with the latest research and scientific findings. We could provide the updated scientific information and utilize the edge of the technology findings in our possession to our customers. This would be especially helpful for industries and companies seeking to print parts which require know-how and also in the field of materials for printing purposes. Pre- and post-processing are of immense importance when printing industrial parts, which is another area of expertise provided by us.
Designers, engineers and manufacturers are invited to share with us their issues when encountering problems in producing complex parts. We make the best use of the 3D-printing technology to bring into light the capabilities and possibilities which were out of reach before and make life easier for you.

For consultation and ordering, you can contact us during office hours or send your desired plan so that our colleagues can contact you.

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